Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hello friends! I am working very hard to sample so many teas to tell you about them.

Limited-time daily tea review posts will appear next month during The 23 Teas of October, a tea a workday (with pictures!). I am also devising a giveaway (hint, it involves tea).

This is a personal tea review. I'm not a tea expert. I want to hear your experience with this spice of life.

Let's talk on Twitter at @TeaNoCrumpets.

To start off: what's your favorite kind of tea? (Assuming it's possible to choose one?)

Happy steeping,



  1. That's a tough one. I really don't have a favorite but I usually cheat and just say oolong. It's the biggest category of tea and there is such a range of tastes. I could drink them every day and not get bored.

    1. Nice! I need to try more oolong teas. I like that they can taste earthy but smooth. And look at this, oolong even has a page on WebMD: