Monday, November 2, 2015

Seattle Chai

Flavored black tea
Perennial Tea Room

Story: "Developed by former Seattle tea blender Frank Miller based on his tea experiences in India as a Peace Corps Volunteer. This blend of tea and spices warms the room with its aroma and flavor."

Tucked into Post Alley in Seattle is the cozy Perennial Tea Room. Teas named "Seattle" got first try since I'm new to the area and loving it.

Two days after Halloween, I'm accepting the Christmas decorations that manifested inside Target. So, this tea came to me at the right time. The dry tea smell leads with ginger and sweet clove. Translation: smells like Christmas.

I dropped 2 tsp into my single-cup Brown Betty teapot. The liquor mouthfeel is less weighty and looks redder/orange-r than I thought it would. It tastes like a light mulled cider. A bit of milk smooths out the spices.

Seattle tea, Seattle plaid and fleece. Yes.

It's a thinner-tasting tea, not black-tea-heavy, and nice if you want something light in the afternoon. I'll add another teaspoon next time to experiment. I'm going to think of this as my Seattle Christmas chai.

If anyone knows of a "Seattle" tea I need to try, let me know here or on Twitter (@TeaNoCrumpets). Seattle: I freaking love it here.


  1. Looks so good! Thanks for sharing

    1. I love Perennial Tea. And I'll buy anything that has "Seattle" in the name :)