Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dragonwell Long Jing 2014

Green tea
Dobra Tea

I'm trying this way out of season, but I don't mind! That's what I get for hoarding tea. This is a 2014 Dragonwell Long Jing from the bargain bin at Dobra Tea from much earlier this year. If you ever go by the or store, you can get nice bags of tea for as low as $5!

The dry leaves have a sweet marine smell. The first infusion at the recommended 1 minute brings out a stone fruit smell. The liquor is very light. The taste is like a floral white tea.

After a second infusion at 2 minutes, the marine smell and stronger green tea taste comes through. This is a lovely tea to drink in the gaiwan, and I think I'll also use it as a cold brew on hot days. I love to see how such a dark leaf can translate to a light liquor.

Do go in to Dobra Tea. It's a beautiful and low-key tea house on historic Murray Ave in Pittsburgh. They have new "beer" tea which I have yet to try!

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