Sunday, May 10, 2015

June Jasmine green tea (#66)

Green tea blend
Nepali Tea Traders

Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine flowers.

I've been in a jasmine phase lately. Through my jasmine travels I've learned that I prefer more water to tea than I would normally use--so, I probably won't use my small gaiwan. For that reason, I used my porcelain teapot to brew this sample.

Surprisingly, the dry tea has a marine smell. My first infusion tasted very light, almost like a white tea. Unlike other teas that are scented with jasmine oil to enhance the flower, the jasmine isn't too noticeable in this cup.

I suppose I'll have to lessen the water to get a stronger flavor. My second infusion with a little less water than before tastes more like a straightforward green tea with something extra about it you can't quite put your finger on.

So, if you haven't tried jasmine in tea and you'd like to, I would say to start with a scented tea instead for the full jasmine effect. This one was great to try because it has just the flower (not oil) for an added touch, which doesn't overwhelm the green tea. It's perfect for a hot summer evening--like tonight, at around 90 degrees outside! What happened to spring?

Through the end of this year, Nepali Tea Traders is donating the greater of (1) all profits and (2) 20% of sales through their Nepali Tea Restoration Fund after the Nepal earthquake. Let's buy tea for a great cause!

This sample was provided by Nepali Tea Traders.

Next I will review a Japanese green tea from Gently Stirred in the UK.

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