Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Japanese Bancha Kyoto Special Leaf

Gently Stirred
Bancha green tea

Infusion method: ceramic teapot
Leaf: approx. 2 tsp.
Time: 2 & 4 min.
Infusion: light yellow

Bancha is described as unique and straw-like. I agree, but I find it different from the well-known, straw-like puerh. As a green tea, it actually smells more like... *cough* an illegal green leaf that is slowly becoming legal in some areas. It's toasted and smoky.

If anyone thinks it's a drug, it's my cats. I found my male cat licking the wrapping paper obsessively. I snatched up the paper, startled to find that something as innocent as paper can become a bad-cat-mom choice. Then my female cat rolled around in the same spot where the paper was. If you try this tea, use a good tin.

The paper cats can't resist.

Back to the tea. It tastes incredible! A special leaf, indeed. The taste matches the smell. It's refreshing like sencha (the first flush) but satisfying like a roasted or slightly fermented tea.

Give this tea a try, and hold onto your cats.

This tea was provided by Gently Stirred.

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  1. I am glad it is not just my cats who have a thing for Kyobancha!