Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sandakphu hand-rolled black tea (#65)

Black tea

Area of origin: Sandakphu. 

I'm increasingly impressed by Nepali Tea Traders' black teas. This hand-rolled tea has a striking appearance as a result of the careful processing. There are very noticeable white hairs on the tips. (See more here.)

The tea is not bold like many black teas are, allowing me to taste the nuance. The light, floral experience is what I usually expect from a green tea. It has a wisp of a buttery feel on the tongue, and an apricot finish. It's a little too light to be something I'd want every day, but it's still a lovely tea.

The instructions call for one teaspoon, but I'll estimate better and use two teaspoons in the future since the leaves are so large.

This sample was provided by Nepali Tea Traders.

Next I'll review a citrus-y white tea from Nepali Tea Traders.

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