Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mad Hatter Tea review (#29)

Black tea
Mad Hatter Tea
£18.60/40 tea bags

Ingredients: "Mad Hatter Tea is a perfect balance of colour and flavour combined together to tantalise taste buds that simply revive the spirit, enrich the mood & adds peppiness and cheerfulness to the substance of life."

This is the smoothest black tea ever. EVER! Never bitter, never weak. I adore this tea, and I can't get enough of Mad Hatter Tea's twitter handle.

This box was a gift. It's only sold in the UK so... I have to beg for more! I'll ask the steampunks.

A taste of wonderland!

No tea ball? No problem.

That color!

My box has a rip... I think I need a new one.

Next time I'll review a Christmas candy tea.

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