Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dobra Tea Pittsburgh: "Memories of Prague," Chai, and mochi

Today I went to Dobra Tea in Pittsburgh for the first time since it opened years ago. I loved it! Look through the menu before you go because there are many choices.

The staff were really in to tea. It's a relaxed atmosphere with open seating in shared seating areas (there are a number of different "rooms") and a little bell to ring if you need service. I must have been the only non-hipster there.

There are so many tea options, and not the cutesy tea blends I usually go for, but good world tea served in their traditional ways.

They also serve bubble tea! Instead of too-sweet syrup, they use the good stuff: matcha, oolong, or tulsi (those three were on the printed menu but the website lists more).

I'm so excited to go back! Who wants to come?

Above: Memories of Prague (black Assam leaf tea mixed with bitter chocolate).

The white blob is the powder on a mochi red bean paste treat! Imagine mochi ice cream but with sweet goop in place of the ice cream.

Not pictured: the spiced chai with milk in a ceramic mug! It's the best chai I've had yet!

Here's the rest of our chosen seating area after our cohabitants had left. Look at all those teapots! The glass one has a flame under it. Wonder what they all chose?

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