Saturday, February 28, 2015

#11 Houjicha Basic Roast green tea (#53)

Roasted green tea

The smell of the dry tea is very light: charming, toasted, vegetal. The roast gives it just a hint of nut. Large stems are visible among the long leaves.

They sent a pretty postcard!

The aroma of the prepared tea is similar to that of the dry, but with an unexpected sweetness. The taste is delicate. The empty cup actually smells of a roasted chestnut.

I'm enjoying multiple infusions. When you try this tea, do follow the 45-second steep recommendation. I followed it the first time, and it came out just right. For the second infusion, I took a leap and tried 2 minutes, but that was too much and the roast flavor overpowered the tea.

I appreciate this basic roast very much on its own, but I know it would be enhanced with the right food. I was surprised to find that the roasting removes the caffeine from the tea, so I will be sure to enjoy it at night again. The nuttiness is still emanating from the empty cups. I can't wait to finish this teapot and try it again!

Thank you, Yunomi!

This sample was provided by Yunomi.

Next, I will depart from camellia sinensis and show you an herbal cold remedy.

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