Monday, February 2, 2015

Mountain Oolong (#41)

Gryphon's Tea

Ingredients: Chinese oolong.

The dry tea smells of mushroom and pepper. I gave the leaves a hot water rinse and then settled in for a 3 minute steep.

The cup has an amber color, and still smells strongly of mushroom. The first taste has a nice musk to it. I hardly need to use any tea because it has a lot of flavor.

The second cup, also at 3 minutes, is a bit lighter in color. I will start increasing steep times after this one. This second cup has a similar smell but less mushroom in the taste.

The third steep was 4 minutes. This steep is really good! I'm enjoying seeing how the flavors mellow out.

Huge pieces!

According to Gryphon's Tea: "The mountain oolong is just that, a chinese oolong. Organic, with a dark leaf but a sweet light color and flavor. Tastes a bit like a green tea but with a rich finish and mouth feel that lingers."

Great tea! Enjoy the view from my kitchen.

Next time I'll review a precious tea of Kyoto.


  1. Those leaves are huge! How many steeps did you do in all?

    1. Only 4 so far? I need to keep going! Do you ever save used leaves overnight?

    2. I went up to 6 steeps for this. The 4th is the best!