Friday, February 6, 2015

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose (#42)

Flavored green tea
Margaret's Fine Imports

Ingredients: Luxury green Sencha tea, rose petals, natural flavors.

The dry tea smells incredible! It's a cheerful but deep yellow cup with the sweet scent of cherry, lightened by rose.

You'd think cherry and rose would be overpowering in the cup, but it's perfect. It smells like an invitation to Kyoto, Japan, in the spring. The green tea is a little earthy, too.

According to Margaret's Fine Imports, "Sencha is commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies marking events of personal importance" (read more here).

This is a really great quality tea. I'm careful with the first steep, to get the tannins just right, and I usually steep it three times.

Be gentle handling this tea, because the delicate Sencha pieces can break easily and leave a dust.

My cat smelled it for a strangely long time.

Next time I'll show you what came in my January tea club shipment!

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