Sunday, February 8, 2015

Coconut black tea review (#46)

Flavored black tea
Margaret's Fine Imports

Ingredients: Black tea, natural coconut flavors, dried coconut.

This dry tea looks great and smells nice. It is black tea with actual coconut shavings in it. But as much as I love coconut, the flavor does not translate very well.

The coconut tastes a little off, like the heat is too much for it. I should try making sun tea, actually. When does the sun come out next in Pittsburgh?

There's a slightly oily look to the top of the hot tea. The flavor is similar hot and iced. It works iced with mango and peach, but only in small amounts.

I give it a thumbs up for the simplicity of the ingredients, if not for the end result.

I am really excited to show you a special tea tomorrow: a smoky black tea from Pipers Coffee & Tea.

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