Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cozy Hibiscus (#38)

Gryphon's Tea

Ingredients: Organic single estate Ceylon tea (decaf), hibiscus, cassia, orange peel, clove, rose hips, star anise, mint, lavender.

Cozy, indeed! A special combination of decaf black tea, hibiscus, and lavender. Very good with honey and fresh lemon juice.

I had it with a chocolate-drizzled caramel. Christmas was a while back, but the office still has treats.

Gryphon's Tea is organic with no flavoring. See the Food Babe's explanation about the perils of flavoring here.

Remember that lavender can become bitter easily, so don't oversteep this one.

My coworker is just coming around to tea in general, and this Cozy Hibiscus won his heart today.

Cozy Hibiscus has the warmth of hibiscus with the familiarity of black tea. The clove makes it great for winter or any night you want to stay warm.


A rich red cup even though it has black tea.

I had this wonderful conversation with a Gryphon's Tea member (Gryphon's mom!) about the blend:

"The Cozy Hibiscus is one of Gryphon's blends. He tends to make complex chemistry. This is a single estate Ceylon tea with lots of hibiscus. To make it warm and tart he balances cassia, orange peel, cloves, rose hips and star anise. For the aromatics there is mint and a touch of lavender. We are glad you like it! - and it is all organic also - no flavoring."

Next time I'll show you an organic chai from California.

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