Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kashmiri Green Chai review (#35)

Flavored green tea
$5.25/4 oz

Ingredients: Green tea, cinnamon chips, almonds, cloves, crushed green cardamom, cardamom seeds with almond and cinnamon flavor.

Chai spice with green tea sounded like a strange combination, but the almond pulls it together!

The dry tea smells strongly of almond and cardamom. The green tea takes a back seat, but it does contribute an earthy flavor that works with the spice.

I prefer chai black teas to this green... but it's still fun. I just have to remember that it is, in fact, green tea, and not to oversteep!

Huge almond slices and cloves.

The pretty glass bottle is from Penzey's Spices, near Prestogeorge in the Strip.

The leaves open up well.

Next time I'll review an earl grey named for a classic novel.

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