Sunday, March 29, 2015

Celebration Longan black tea (#59)

Flavored black tea
Mighty Leaf Tea

Ingredients: Black tea, longan fruit.

This Celebration tea is what I hoped Nicholas' China Lychee Congou would be. It's a nice black tea with a hint of the earthy longan fruit, excellent without any additives. Lychee tea served hot usually doesn't really work for me, but the longan is just a touch milder, which is nice. I love this fruit iced, so if the weather ever finally warms up, I'm going to make a big jug of it.

Their packaging is nice. Same image on each bag, but I like it. I appreciate the neutral gradient at the top of the bag.

Warm brown color.

Sizeable pieces with some stems.

I'm excited about tomorrow's review: a fresh jasmine green tea from Pipers.

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