Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quangzhou Milk Oolong (#58)

Margaret's Fine Imports

The milk aroma is strong through the bag! It's the milkiest oolong I've tried so far. It's part of the Level 2 self-brew tasting at Margaret's, and one of the teas in the free tea sampler.

I'm enjoying making this in my new gaiwan. The aroma of the first infusion, at 2 minutes, is a strong butter smell. The liquor is bright and light yellow. The milk in the taste isn't as strong as the aroma, but it's still very nice. It's very creamy.

A second infusion at 3 minutes still smells of butter but it is smoothing into a bit of floral taste. It is deeper in color. The milk taste is also smoother, but I might not use a full 3 minutes on a second infusion again, since some unwanted astringency came through. It does leave a creamy aftertaste--and feel--on the tongue.

For the third infusion, the aroma is mostly of a creamy orchid. The mouthfeel is fuller.

I think the fourth steep is the best--everything is just right. After steeping, the leaves come out crinkly with red tips to the edges. A calming, delicious tea!

Next I'll review one from Mighty Leaf Tea with the Chinese longan fruit.

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