Thursday, March 19, 2015

Darjeeling Himalaya Autumn Flush (#57)

Black tea
Dobra Tea

This tea has a light, dusty scent that I was tempted to describe as nutty, but not quite. It's more like a soft peat smell.

It steeps perfectly at the recommended instructions on the bag at 2.5 minutes. I started drinking it at 2 minutes for a light but distinct flavor, but I've started using 3 minutes for an even rounder, stronger flavor--which is what autumn flush is all about!

The liquor is a rich warm color: a coppery amber. The dry tea has the signature fall color expected in a Darjeeling. The steeped leaves are brown with a bit of green.

Great for mid-morning or afternoon. I've been enjoying it at work every day! I will need a refill soon.

I admit: this review was inspired by The Darjeeling Limited.

Next I'll review one of the sampler teas from Margaret's Level 2 tea class: a milk oolong.

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