Saturday, April 18, 2015

China Beauty Rings (#64)

Green tea
Margaret's Fine Imports

Country of origin: China.

These China beauty rings are gorgeous! They look like delicate locks of hair. I love the silvery white color that looks woven in. It smells lightly of jasmine or orchid.

The first infusion at 2 minutes has a sweet orchid smell from the gaiwan lid. The liquor is yellow, but with a pink undertone. The taste matches the aroma but with a little astringency. 

The second infusion smells just a touch vegetal. I don't really notice anything vegetal in the taste, though. The taste is similar to the first infusion. 

The orchid aroma really comes out with the third infusion. The taste, like its name, is beautiful! I managed to get a light 4th infusion out of it, but by now the tea is mostly spent.

This is a wonderful tea and I'll get a lot of enjoyment from it. I'm lucky it was included in Margaret's Level 2 tea class sampler.

Next I'll review a hand-rolled black tea from Nepali Tea Traders.

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