Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nepalese Silver Tips (#62)

White tea
Nepali Tea Traders

I'm glad I waited to review a silver needle until this came from Nepali Tea Traders. Silver needle seems like a staple for tea lovers, so I've been looking forward to it!

Beautiful white downy hairs.

The liquor is light: white with a yellow hue that I was first inclined to describe as pink. The first sips have a delicate taste with a buttery mouthfeel.

The second infusion brings out sweetness in the aroma. This infusion does not have as much of the butteriness of the first. However, I first tried this tea at two 2-minute infusions, and the second time at a 3-minute and a 4-minute. Both experiences differed as far as how the flavor opened up. I'm pleased with the result.

Lovely in the gaiwan!

This sample was provided by Nepali Tea Traders.

I have another delicious tea from Nepali Tea Traders coming up: Sherpa Breakfast!

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