Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dragon Claw Oolong (#61)

Oolong tea
Nepali Tea Traders

I was initially drawn to this tea because of its stunning appearance. The dry tea has a variety of colors and little hairs on the lighter ones. Smelling the dry tea didn't really give me a sense of what it would taste like, so I was excited to try it.

The first smell from the gaiwan lid is toasted but with apricot fast on its heels. The liquor is a beautiful warm yellow, seconding the thought of apricot. The first sip has a lot of personality, almost with a spice.

For a darker-looking oolong, it's lighter than I thought, but with a nice strong body to it. Smooth finish with a nice aroma from the cup, too.

I used two 2-minute infusions. The third steep at 3 minutes brought the apricot to the forefront. Beautiful!

The website recommends two infusions at 2-3 minutes and I'd say that's accurate; I may have gotten a third infusion out of it because my first infusions were 2 minutes instead of 3.

The instructions call for a heaping teaspoon for 8 oz, and since my gaiwan is small, I played it safe and used just shy of a teaspoon. It didn't take many leaves to get a great flavor. 

I tried it again, using the heaping teaspoon recommended and finishing off the sampler. This tea has character! It would be nice to make in a teapot and share with friends. 
This sample was provided by Nepali Tea Traders.

Next I will review Nepali Tea Traders' silver needle.

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