Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sherpa Breakfast (#63)

Black tea
Nepali Tea Traders

I'm mostly familiar with Assam as a base in breakfast tea, so I was thrilled to try a breakfast tea from Nepal. I love this Sherpa Breakfast! It uplifts, but politely. It has that signature breakfast taste, but with a new complexity and smooth mouthfeel I'm really enjoying. Great without any additives. However, I can tell you I tried it with milk as well--creamy and wonderful!

For brewing, I used my porcelain teapot at 3 minutes and a handful of seconds.

It's an autumn flush, which would explain its special flavor. I'm delighted to see it can be infused more than once. The second time I used 4 minutes. Both infusions were delicious. You get a lot from this black tea.

The end result is light in color with a distinct breakfast taste.

This sample was provided by Nepali Tea Traders.

A lot more on Nepali Tea Traders to come! But first, I'll show you a beautifully formed Chinese tea.

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