Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bouquet of Flowers No. 108 tea review (#21)

Kusmi Tea
Flavored black tea

Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot, citrus fruits, flowers.

It's The 23 Teas of October! (#21)

Fascinating! I've only had bergamot in traditional black earl grey tea before. This Kusmi Tea from Paris was fun to try. I received a Kusmi box from a coworker who wants to use up tea before she can reasonably buy more... happy to help!

Bouquet of Flowers No. 108 has bergamot with citrus and flowers, which makes it invigorating but refreshing for the afternoon. The dominant flavor is citrus.

The acidity is very noticeable so I added a little sugar. The caffeine is noticeable and definitely perking me up in the first sip, which is good, because I still have editing to do.

Bergamot and citrus are nice together. Ahmad Tea in London (@ahmadteaUK) recommends adding a squeeze of lemon to earl grey; sounds great!

I just love the cloth tea bag that's stitched shut. I've never seen that before! I don't use tea bags too often, because they usually have smaller and lesser pieces, but these cloth bags have nice large pieces. Just as large as what you'd use in a tea ball.

Pretty packaging.

Steeping instructions on the tea bag. Smart!

Pretty yellow color.

Outside of the box.

So many options!

A closer look reveals large pieces of tea.

Come back tomorrow for a great Halloween flavor: caramel apple!

(Win tea! Rules here

What do you think of bergamot?

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