Friday, October 31, 2014

Chocolate chip black tea review (#23)

Flavored black tea
$3.25/4 oz

Ingredients: Chocolate flavored Oriental black tea, chocolate chips.

It's the final one... the last 23 Teas of October! (#23)

Chocolate for Halloween! It looks like the pieces of black tea are actually coated with chocolate! You can even hear the chocolate coating sliding against itself as you pour the dry tea.

It has little chocolate chips, which melt and infuse in the tea. Steep this tea for longer than you usually might. It takes some time for the liquor to thicken.

The chocolate smell is very noticeable and the flavor comes through with some nuttiness. I'm actually tasting the chocolate  more as it cools. Delicious with milk. A perfect dessert/snack tea for a long afternoon when you're craving sugar. And I plan on having a lot of it today.

Chocolate-coated pieces and chocolate chips!

So cute in the tea ball.

Yellow liquor deepens to a warm brown.

Come back next week. This it the last 23 Teas of October review, but I'll have more reviews in November!

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Happy Halloween! Be safe.

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