Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Storm's Fury Game of Thrones tea review

Flavored green tea
Margaret's Fine Imports

Ingredients: Green tea, cornflowers, calendula petals, papaya pieces, lemongrass, natural flavors.

It's Game of Thrones tea week during The 23 Teas of October!

Storm's Fury is my favorite iced tea for summer. The scent of the dry tea is intoxicating. Floral but invigorating. You can almost taste it as the scent passes through your nose.

That otherworldly flavor carries over perfectly into an iced tea. Hot, the flavors smooth out into a slightly flavored green tea--hardly any of that floral flavor. I don't drink hot green tea very much, but if I do, I go for this one. With brief steeping, no sweetener is necessary.

During steeping, the pieces really swirl as if in a storm off the coast of Westeros!

Hot: 2 min, 2 tsp tea, 8oz water
Iced: 20 sec, 3 tsp tea, 8oz water over ice

Beautiful curled green tea pieces, bright lemongrass, crisp calendula petals and light papaya flavors. Gorgeous accenting purple pieces.

Even the overall color is a sickly, stormy green.


Gorgeous tea in its glass container at Margaret's. A young man blends these Game of Thrones teas. I think he is just a genius.

I bought this alongside its friend, Silver Trout blend.

Come back tomorrow for a taste of fire.

What's your favorite iced tea?

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