Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ti Kuan Yin Special Oolong tea review (#20)

Oolong tea
$3.30/2 oz

This was my first time steeping oolong the "right" way: not expecting much from the first steep, and enjoying the 2nd and 3rd times.

The first steep, which in the future I won't even drink: the tea had such a subtle taste that it was like slightly flavored water. I let it soak in cold water for a few seconds before this steep (like rice), but I will skip that in the future when I just dump out the first steep.

There was hardly any color while steeping. It was just the tiniest bit earthy. It wasn't bitter in the slightest, and the leaves did open up during the first steep. Make sure the water isn't too hot. The caffeine is refreshing.

The second steep was my favorite. It had twice the flavor, nice and earthy! I added milk for an even smoother taste, and the tea is such a light green that the milk overtook the color.

The third steep: the flavor got even more gritty. It was fun to see the tea leaves open up so much. This oolong tea would be fantastic with sushi, and it yields cup after cup!

Tea before any steeping.

First steep: hardly any color.


First steep: tea has expanded a little. 


Second steep: tea is noticeably taking on more water. 


After the second steep. 


Opens up nicely.


Third steep: huge pieces! 


After the third steep. 


Pretty color after the second steep. 

Amazing price for such a high-quality tea.

Come back tomorrow for a fancy tea from France.

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Have you tried this method of steeping oolong before?

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