Monday, October 13, 2014

Chai Spice tea review

Flavored black tea
Nicholas Coffee Co.
$4/4 oz

Ingredients: Black tea, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, flavoring.

It's Spice Week during The 23 Teas of October!

This is a special blend made in-house at Nicholas Coffee Co. It tastes unusual for a chai. Normally I'd expect a heavier bodied, cinnamon flavor. This chai is lighter and must have a lot of just one of the spices, I'm guessing nutmeg. Unfortunately, it reminds me of soap.

This chai could use more cinnamon or maybe some vanilla--something sweet to give it a heavier body. Because of my aversion to what I believe is the nutmeg, I usually add a bit of some other tea to it, such as the smoky Dragon's Breath Game of Thrones tea from Margaret's Fine Imports, or any spiced fall tea. Cinnamon would be great to try with it.

Alone, the tea has a very similar taste whether hot or iced. For steeping, I use a little more tea than usual because of its light taste. It has a noticeable but not overwhelming amount of caffeine.

Long, thin pieces of tea!

Looks adorable in this wooden box, which originally held bags of Canadian Ice Wine tea by The Metropolitan Tea Company.

Come back tomorrow for fall's favorite flavor... or is it?

What's your favorite brand of chai?

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