Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thai Tea tea review

Flavored black tea
Prestogeorge Coffee & Tea

Ingredients: Black tea, Hawaiian coconut, almond, Madagascar vanilla flavors.

When you first smell this tea pre-brew, you might instantly think of an earthy cinnamon flavor. More in-depth smelling lends an anise scent. I'm usually suspicious of anise but this is a fuller, comforting flavor. Prestogeorge doesn't list anise as a flavor so you've got me stumped already. The scent is probably due to a dominance of the coconut + almond.

This tea has smaller pieces that have the consistency of coffee after steeping, but they're large enough not to leak floaters into your cup. It's actually a sensitive tea that can become bitter very quickly, so use cooler water and maybe even less time. There's no need to use more tea than usual as it does have a strong flavor.

Add milk and crystallized sugar for hot, and agave syrup for iced. Once I experimented and figured the altered steeping plan, it yielded a very pleasant spiced flavor. It's absolutely delicious iced and my husband keeps asking for it. I'll be back at Prestogeorge next weekend for more....

Hot:  2 min, 2 tsp tea, 8 oz not-as-hot-as-usual water
Iced: 20 sec, 3 tsp tea, 8 oz not-too-hot water over ice

Fine reddish pieces with noticeable almond slivers.

A nice tea dance during steeping and a reddish hue.

Love my Teavana Perfect Teamaker.

Incredible price!!

Come back tomorrow for a tea named after a Steel City.

Have you ever identified a scent in a product that didn't seem to be the what was really in it? Wine comes to mind...

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