Monday, October 20, 2014

Feng Shui tea review

Herbal tea
Margaret's Fine Imports
$3.99/2 oz

Ingredients: Apple pieces, dragonfruit pieces (dragonfruit, sugar), goji berries, blackberry leaves, stinging nettle leaves, carrot flakes, orange peel, wild strawberry leaves, lemon grass, eucalyptus leaves, beetroot pieces, natural bergamot flavour with other natural flavouring, natural flavouring, cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms, pink pepper.

It's Fruit Week during The 23 Teas of October!

You are really going to love the aroma of this tea. It is fresh, bright, and fruity. I particularly like lightness of the blackberry leaves. The colors in the dry tea itself are absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a birthday party.

Surprisingly, as it steeps, the tea starts off as a beautiful light pink color and deepens into a tropical pink. After steeping, though, a light pepperiness comes through in the taste. A good tea, but maybe too much pepper taste (and stinging nettle roughness) for me--since I wasn't expecting it. The more I drink it, thought, the more I taste the fruit.

It's also really nice to add other teas to it to soften the taste, if you like that idea. I don't usually use sugar, but this could also work with a little crystallized sugar. Maybe I'll try that next time to combat the pepperiness.


Bright pink!


Tuxedo cat does not approve.

Come back tomorrow for a very rarely used fruit in tea.

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Pepperiness: worth a try, or too gross?

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